The Album is Nearing Completion

Greetings all,

It has been quite some time since we last gave you an update, but there has been a ton of work going on for us.  Our album is finally at the finishing stages.  We are just about done with everything, and getting ready to put the final mixing and mastering touches on everything.  This particular album is quite exciting for us because we are doing it the old school way.  This album was recorded on the revered SSL 4000G recording console and will be mastered to an Otari Tape Machine.  It should have a very vintage vibe to it because it is not being recorded in the digital world.

The album is also somewhat of a concept album because it is documenting the experiences we had since our last release in 2011.  It has a been a long, strenuous, and difficult road for us: but we are happy with the results.  Also, there will be a couple of surprises on this album that many of you should really enjoy.

Please check back often for more updates on the album, as well as some other goodies we have in store in for you.


Kevin J