Noted for the mysterious lead vocals of Jennifer Lynn and her accompanying violin amalgamated with the intense, menacing vocals by Kevin J. and his energetic keyboards, Where the Embers Fall expresses personal emotions, triumphs and pains with a veracity equal to none. Their debut album, True Fate, has found its way into many DJs collections thanks to its vibrant and ethereal qualities being perfect for the dance floors of the Industrial and EBM scenes.

Where the Embers Fall is the brainchild of Jennifer Lynn & Kevin J, created in 2004 when they met in the clubs of Detroit's strong Electro-Goth scene. Soon, their project gained momentum and included elements of the then-burgeoning Darkwave sound and became the unique hybrid of haunting strings and driving electronic elements that has gained positive attention of critics from as far away as Japan, Germany, Poland, and the United Kingdom:

                                    “ This duo could soon be a household name...” ~ Dominion Magazine

                                    “Where the Embers Fall has given me an opportunity to indulge in deep                                                                     emotions.” ~ Bloodline Website

Since the release of True Fate, the duo has been met by enthusiastic crowds at all their shows,  solidifying their name as a leading talent in the music scene and sharing the marquee with other first-class bands all over the nation. The venues they have played have given fans a chance to hear thenewest songs created by the constantly composing couple that have yet to be released.